Hiring a photo booth for your New York wedding.

Hi there, I’m instabox, and I would like to chat to you about hiring a photo booth for your wedding. What’s involved? Is it worth the expense? 

These are all valid questions, so lets get started! 

As a wedding photographer I’ve attended more weddings than I wish to think about. There are a few things I’ve noticed, firstly, there are a lot of wedding guests who sit off in the corner or stay at their table, they don’t do a terrible amount of smiling and as a wedding photographer it can be difficult to get a photo of these guests coming out of their shell. 

Secondly, unless you want to dance, there isn’t actually a lot of things to do at the reception, sure, eating and drinking are great, but if you get stuck at a dull table then the night tends to get a little old... 

Bring on the photo booth!

What we’ve found is that the humble wedding photo booth actually serves as a brilliant form of entertainment for the evening. Many couples may first think of hiring a photo booth in order to capture photographs of their guests, but in reality it’s just the best entertainment which makes great memories and a unique and valuable addition to any New York wedding. 

Here’s what we suggest for your photo booth. 

During the course of the evening have your MC make an announcement asking for all guests to make their way through the photo booth at some point. This means you get a record of everyone at your wedding, not only that, the nature of the photo booth draws even the most delicate wallflower out of their shell! Don a mask, keep busy with ridiculous props and have a darn good time. Thats what quality photo booth hire is all about, giving your guests a whole lot more fun and entertainment than they would otherwise have, while capturing it all so you can remember the good times for years to come! 

Does that make it worth the expense? That all depends on your priorities. Needless to say a photo booth isn’t a replacement for a kick ass wedding photographer, nor is a wedding photographer anywhere near as entertaining as a photo booth. So, if the budget allows we definitely recommend hiring instabox photo booth for your New York wedding, after all, it’s a once in a lifetime event! 

If you do have a wedding or event coming up please get in touch to discuss your requirements, we would be more than happy to provide you with our thoughts and recommendations. You can learn a little more about our New York photo booth hire here.